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An Effective Peeling for Just a Few Cents!

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An Effective Peeling for Just a Few Cents

For less than 1 dollar, you can sometimes do incredible things.

Like regaining a radiant complexion, reducing wrinkles, tightening the pores of your skin or making acne scars disappear?

You can do all this with a little lemon juice.

Why is lemon exceptional?

Lemon is a concentrate of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA).

This is why it easily competes with many cosmetic skin peels: the products on the market are generally based on the properties of these same AHAs?

Citric acid has the ability to break the bonds that hold the dead skin cells in place and prevent the lower and younger layer from appearing.

However, by exfoliating this very thin layer of dead skin, you restore radiance to your complexion. It also stimulates blood circulation, which promotes the production of collagen. Finally, a good enzymatic exfoliation with mild acids reduces the appearance of dilated pores and scars.

But beware: like intensive exfoliating creams of this type, the application of lemon to the skin makes it photosensitive, so it is absolutely necessary to avoid the sun for 12 hours after application.

Similarly, applying lemon juice to sensitive skin causes tingling and redness that will resolve within a few hours, but is to be expected.

In general, note that the lemon peeling is particularly well suited to normal mixed non-sensitive skin and oily skin with acne tendency or problems.

Avoid it if you suffer from rosacea, dry or very sensitive skin.

How to make a lemon peeling?

  • Squeeze 1/2 lemon (preferably organic),
  • Dip cotton pads in the lemon juice and apply the juice as a tonic lotion to clean skin,
  • Carefully avoid the eye contour area.
  • Another option: you can also cut thin strips of lemon and pass them over your face, focusing on the areas that need it most (dilated pores, scars, pimples…),
  • Leave on for 10 minutes if possible (be careful, it tingles),
  • Rinse thoroughly with clear water,
  • If you have sensitive skin, then apply a cotton pad of soothing floral water (chamomile, true lavender or cistus),
  • And finish by applying a small amount of moisturizer – as soothing as possible (no synthetic fragrance, no alcohol…).

This treatment should be done once or twice a week maximum, during a one month cure if your skin tolerates it well.

TIP: If you have dry and very sensitive skin, you should avoid the real lemon peeling because it is too astringent for you.

In this case, in order to exfoliate the skin, remember to mix 1 teaspoon of organic brewed yogurt, a few drops of lemon juice and a little honey.

You will obtain a less impressive result than with lemon alone, but quite satisfying for the complexion’s radiance.

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