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What is a good face routine? All the steps to an effective skincare routine

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What is a good face routine?

A question that keeps coming back: how to forge a good face routine and above all, what are the essential products? Let’s review.

If you find yourself lost like a kitten in a Superbowl crowd when you think of skincare products for the face, this article is for you.

What are the basics of a face routine that works? Which products are more essential than others? All answers here!

Why talk about a face routine?

Finding products for good skincare

A good skincare routine is all about finding products that suit us and help maintain our skin healthy and glowing.

Rather than trying every day a different cream or test all the soaps on the market, spending several weeks on the same products often adjusts small minor problems like skin that feels tight, a few bad spots and will keep under control dryness or, conversely, the overproduction of sebum (= The shiny skin).

In addition, when speaking about beauty it is the regularity which pays off: by adopting every day the same gestures, your skin is renewed correctly.

So you have every reason to adopt a facial routine to avoid a tired complexion, skin too dry in winter, or early aging of the skin.

Your routine must be adapted to three criteria:

  • your skin type: sensitive, dry or oily, the products used will not be the same
  • your budget: spend 20 $ in a makeup remover is not a vital thing, whatever people say
  • your desires: if taking care of your skin is a chore, the routine will necessarily be shorter!

The essential steps of a good face routine

The essential steps of a good face routine


Let’s get to the heart of the matter with 3 steps not to be overlooked:

  • Removing makeup: this is the basic basis. The makeup removal is just essential at the end of the day, because it allows the skin to get rid of leftover makeup but also of pollution remains or sweat accumulated during the day. This way you give your skin a deep breath. You can use a milk, a balm or oil that you can apply with cotton (but not very ecological and it can attack your skin), or with your fingers (you put a little product in the palm of your hand and you rub your face with it, very slowly). For those who want speed, choose a micellar water (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules suspended in soft water), to apply with cotton.
  • Cleansing: after removing makeup, we need to clean the skin. Why? Because if you leave the makeup remover on your face, you can end up with pimples, redness, blackheads, etc. In short, you “clog ” your face and prevent it from breathing. For simplicity, you can just clean yourself with a gel cleanser to rinse with There are also different textures like creams or foams. For those who use micellar water cleansing, do not bother to clean, since this product combines both.
  • Moisturizing: After cleaning the skin, it is imperative to moisturize. If you do not hydrate, the cleansing removes the “good oil” of the skin and loses its natural protection. Even in case of oily skin, a hydrating cream is recommended, just take it without greasy substances (usually marked as “oil free”). If you have dry skin (it’s tight and shows dry areas) you have to choose one which is nourishing; finally, if you have dehydrated skin (it’s tight but you do not have skin that peels or shows dry patches), you must choose a moisturizing one.

How often? We remove makeup and cleanse EVERY night.

The cream is applied in the morning and evening, but cleaning is not mandatory in the morning, especially for very sensitive and intolerant skin.

You can settle for a little of micellar water, a lotion, a mist of thermal water, or for a cleanser that does not foam, like a cleansing milk.

Optional steps

If you already conscientiously apply makeup removal, cleansing and hydration session, and want to expand your routine, you can move towards non-mandatory but nonetheless beneficial steps.

  • The lotion: applying lotion after cleaning, and just prior to using cream. A lotion can remove limestone deposits from the skin (hard water), and treat some small problems. For example, if you tend to have pimples, there are treating lotions. If you just want to refresh your skin, there are floral waters. If you would like to moisturize, choose a moisturizing lotion etc … The choice is almost endless. A lotion does not harm the skin, but is not required if you do not like it or if you simply do not have time.
  • The sera: pretty useless when you’re young and you have no particular concern. A serum can be useful if you suffer from pimples, blemishes / scars, or a big lack of hydration. In all cases the serum is still not the most suitable product for young skin and is very expensive. If you must use one choose a “neutral” one (hydration or radiance) to give a boost to your skin during a change of season, for example, but do not abuse it if your skin is doing great with just a cream.
  • The eye contour cream: if you have dry, sensitive, or dehydrated skin, an eye contour cream or gel can be really beneficial. To choose one, you have to isolate your concern: for bags under eyes, you need a decongestant eye contour. For sensitive skin, a moisturizing and soothing eye contour.

Skincare routine selection

Here are some examples of routine depending on the types of skin, focused rather on small budgets!

Dry skin

Removes 99.3% of your most stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara

Dermatologist recommended and free of common chemical irritants

With pump for sensitive skin: non-greasy, long-lasting moisturizing cream

Oily skin / imperfections

Make-up removing micellar water for combination or oily skin

Removes excess oil without drying

Acne Prone Skin 2oz Natural & Organic Facial Moisturizer

Sensitive skin

​With Organic and Natural Ingredients

​Face cleanser especially designed for sensitive skins

​For bigger budget

​​A very effective cleansing balm that removes all makeup. The pot lasts, as a bonus, very long.

​It comes in three versions, oily / mixed skin, mixed / normal, and dry / sensitive.

​For combination skin / normal or sensitive.

Here we are, so from now on there is no reason not to take care of your skin or to sand your skin off.

But to give you even more insight on skincare routine, Google has revealed the favorite or neglected tendencies of women in terms of care. A study that illuminates our beauty habits.

The most popular skin care on the Web

Ever wondered which skin care products are the most popular in the world?

Google search engine tells you everything!

Google, google, tell me who will be the most beautiful?

What are the treatments most searched on the web?

What will be the cosmetic trends of tomorrow?

With its crystal ball, Google offers a panorama of all the beauty trends of the moment! The platform that has an answer for everything has indeed published a report on research related to cosmetics carried out in three countries (in the United States, France and Japan).

From a general point of view, the search engine emphasizes the fact that each country has its own skin care trends, even though society recognizes that fashions tend to travel from one continent to another.

Center of interest

The big stars in this ranking are definitely masks against blackheads and charcoal based.

Tips for use or video tutorial: French women want to know everything about these magic masks!

Other favorites, organic and vegan products: aloe vera and jojoba oil have also a great success, since they are at the top of the ranking established by Google.

Natural products, homemade masks: the frenchies want to pamper themselves with quality products. The same is true of anti-blackhead masks in the US and Japan, but unlike French women, they are looking to beat acne in general, not just ugly blackheads.

What makes a flop?

Finished, the reign of BB cream (Beauty or Blemish Balm) and especially the self-tanner!

The latter is less and less searched after on the web.

Forget the orange complexions, make space for natural and the "no-make-up " phenomenon.

The complexions are more inclined towards  freshness and lightness.

Good news for our face that will finally breathe, but also for the planet!

Other products in decline, argan oil and especially donkey milk. Highly prized by bloggers, this particular product suffers a vertiginous drop. Amazing!

What will create a buzz?

2017 will be the year of ... vegan skin care! U.S. women care not only for vegan food but also for skin care.

Searches in vegan skin care category have made a huge growth in the U.S.

For French women it will be cellulite. They are literally obsessed with orange peel skin, so they are looking for articles related to this subject 30 times more than Americans and 150 times more than Japanese women!

In Japan, women spotlight trend in searches is cleansing.

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