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10 Easy Tips to Look Younger Without Cosmetic Surgery

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10 Easy Tips to Look Younger

There is no need to resort to cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate.

Sometimes, it only takes little things to gain a few years.

The proof is in these rejuvenating tips that will make you look younger!

If we can’t fight against the effect of time, we can still limit the effects it causes on our face with a few tricks. Here’s what you need to know to look younger easily.

1- Get a smooth skin

Get a smooth skin

Do like the Hollywood stars, move on to layering to optimize the effects of your treatments.

Start with the application of your anti-aging care, let it penetrate and then move on to the day cream.

Leave on for a few minutes, then gently massage in the excess.

Finally, proceed to the application of your foundation.

Over time, your skin will be denser and more beautiful.

2- Adopt a dynamic and structured haircut

Short and messy haircut

Except for quadragenarians like Demi Moore or Jessica Parker, in general, after 40, we avoid long hair because it “crushes” the contours of the face.

Shortcut hairs have the wind in their sails, so why deprive yourself of it?

Better yet, choose a short and messy haircut. It peps your face.

Of course, it’s not without healthy, shiny hair, so pamper them with the right care.

3- Pamper your hands

Pamper your hands

Impossible to hide your age with dry, stained and wrinkled hands.

However, a few tricks are enough to make them show younger.

Do a scrub and a re-plumping mask “special hands” twice a week, paying special attention to the cuticles and apply cream with a moisturizing and anti-dark spot treatment several times a day.

Also, remember to take care of your nails and enhance them with a light-colored nail polish.

4- Get a pink complexion

Woman in her forties with pink complexion

Too thick foundation, shiny powder…

It is absolutely necessary to banish them from your make-up kit if you want to give a youthful look to your face.

Why should you ban them? Because they bring out wrinkles, fine lines, and other imperfections.

If you’re a fan of liquid foundation, mix it with a pink illuminator or apply a veil of pink powder as a finishing touch.

If you prefer blush, same suggestion, choose pink rather than orange.

Healthy glow guaranteed!

5- Give relief to your hair coloring

Give relief to your hair colorings

Discolored roots and strands… Nothing shows older than a dull and tired color.

Quickly, take matters into your own hands.

Add depth to your hair by creating reliefs.

How do you do it? By coloring your roots the same color as your eyebrows.

6- Redefine your gaze

Redefine your gaze

Wrinkles, pockets, dark circles… The gaze is often the part of the face most marked by time.

However, there are a few tricks to give it a second youth. Epilate and redraw your eyebrows with a toned pencil, insisting on the upper line to give them substance.

Result: your eyebrows are higher and your look is more open and fresh.

As for makeup, prefer matte shadows and add a few touches of light at the inner corner of the eye and below the brow bone.

7- Get a glamorous cleavage

Get a glamorous cleavage

A wrinkled décolleté is a dread for all of us.

To proudly wear V-necks and swimsuits, adopt the right gestures.

Rather than the push-up bra that emphasizes wrinkles, prefer the use of a good anti-UV moisturizer daily with a translucent powder cloud, it’s much more glamorous.

8- Sublimate your lips

Sublimate your lips

Bright, bold colors make glamorous lips, but if the lip contour sags and fine lines appear, they accentuate these flaws.

Choose gloss over lipstick because it’s an oily substance that can run and mark wrinkles.

If you can’t part with your favorite lipstick, apply a nude lip pencil to the lip contour to fill in the gaps.

9- Do facial gymnastics

Do facial gymnastics

Stress, fatigue, pollution… Besides natural aging, facial features become more slackened because of external aggressions.

Try facial gymnastics. Grimace, massage… Specific exercises have been developed to erase wrinkles while having fun.

Also, remember to massage your face before applying makeup to stimulate blood circulation and relax the features.

The right gestures: pinch along the face and circular massage on the forehead and under the eyes.

10- Lift your eyes with mascara

Lift your eyes with mascara

Tired, half-closed eyes have never been a sign of freshness.

Open your eyes to give dynamism to your face. Make your eyes look big with mascara.

Choose a lengthening and curling formula.

You can also try fake eyelashes.

The only thing to banish: put mascara on the lower lashes because it brings out the dark circles.


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  1. Brilliant, I love using microdermabrasion machine at home as it saves me money between salon visits but without loosing the smooth, clear skin I get from the salon
    I really appreciate you sharing this

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