About Me

I see you’re curious.Just Me

But who is behind MicrodermabrasionHome.com?

My name is Betty Parks.

Feminine and feminist (yes, they go together, don’t be retrograde).
An insane passion for make-up and beauty products (preferably natural).

Working in the skin care industry makes you quickly understand which products are good and which are harmful for your skin.

A perfectionist to perfection, demanding, undoubtedly passionate and infinitely dreamy, this is what dresses Me every day.

A few years ago, I decided to invest myself in a new Majestic epic, the creation of my website: a catalyst for beauty tips and good deals.

I am passionate about the world of beauty and cosmetics for several years now. As the years go by, I love makeup and skin care more and more, it has become a passion, and I want to share it through this blog.

In particular, I have a bit of a “geek” side; I like everything related to computers (hence my Multimedia and internet training) and new technologies.

I’m also a TV series addict; I could spend my life watching series haha (And long live Netflix!)!

Why Create a Beauty and Skin Care Blog?

So I decided, after several weeks of reflection, to create my blog!



Quite simply because I want to share my current findings, the beauty, and skin care products that I loved and especially advise you on most of the products I used, talking to you all in transparency (In other words, if a product did not please me, I would inform you in all sincerity).

Also, I want you to understand that all I’m writing in this blog, is mostly oriented towards natural beauty products. I put a lot of research and reading in my articles in order to pinpoint dangerous and chemical ingredients in skincare products and emphasizes as much as possible on natural and green products.

I make shopping easy by telling you the best stuff to get based on my research. And my mission is to save you time and money by making finding the best products easy.

Moreover, opening a blog allows me to exercise some of my passions which are blogging,  community management and communication (web marketing).

Moreover, most of the time, before buying a product, I like to look at reviews on the Internet, read reviews of bloggers and I, therefore, want my blog to serve as a “reference” and give you an idea about a product before buying it

One other reason I created this blog is to be able to meet people, have this contact with others, chat and exchange with you, a “community” that I hope will grow day by day.