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11 Really Super Easy Tips For Perfect Skin – Forget All What You Knew

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When it comes to beauty tips for perfect skin, we all have our share. But are we really sure they are effective and reliable?


Let’s try to get back on track with these 11 tips for make-up and skin care.

Attention, for those who would be lost in the vortex of beauty, these easy tips could become your bare minimum.

For those of you who already know these tips, bravo (you could have told us anyway). For all the others, these beauty tips will impress you.

1. Apply all you skin care from bottom to top

Yes ladies, when you apply your moisturizing cream, it is better to avoid to push the face down (it is already doing very well alone). It is a question of gravity.

So we start from the neck to end up on the forehead, and from center of the face toward the top of the cheekbones. Push-up effect-up guaranteed.

A small step for us, a great one to defy the laws of gravity. And of course, before applying your skin care, choose it well.

2. Keep your face moisturizer away from the contour of the eye

When spreading, we takes great care to avoid the area which surrounds the eye. Why? Because our moisturizer care is well too heavy in water for this so fragile area. The skin of the eye contour is so fine that it absorbs everything, too much.

And where there is too much water, skin tends to swell and starts the appearance of pockets.
It is for this reason in particular that there is specifically eye care adapted to this area (no, this is not only marketing).

3. Eliminate the excess of sebum

To take proper care of our skin, even if it is oily, moisturizing is a critical step because it allows precisely to regulate the production of sebum.

To avoid dry skin and to become even more oily, we then choose an adapted moisturizer.

My choice? The boscia Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer which, in addition to matifying the skin, helps to fight against pimples and blackheads while mitigating the residual marks.

A perfect care to renew your skin.

Absolutely integrate it in your beauty routine.

4. To avoid dark circles, take into account the blood flow 

We all agree that we have the habit to apply our contour of the eye care by massaging the eyes from the inside toward the outside (right?).

However it is a serious mistake; if we want to be effective on dark circles or bags under the eyes in the morning, we’d better respect the paths of the lymphatic tissues.

Indeed, these naughty problems are the result of a poor circulation of the blood, and not following the right direction to stimulate the energy of the eye area consists more or less to blow hot air.

And we, as overworked women, have don’t really need this. So from now on, with the pads of the index finger, we perform a mini-drainage by gently massaging the skin with small pressure in circular movements, and not by stretching in order not to strain the area and add wrinkles, a dozen times from the outer corner until the inner corner of the eye. And then we are doing the same thing all around the orbit.

5. Apply your foundation with your fingers

A light fluid foundation or tinted moisturizer, same struggle: let’s ban brushes and use our fingers.

Why? Because hands are “heaters” and allow the molecules of the product to get activated between them.

The substance is ideally warmed up, resulting in a better melting on the skin and the effect is much more natural.

Of course, do not forget to wash your hands carefully before and after.

6. Add a drop of serum in your foundation

Again for the foundation, to give it a smoother touch for a more natural effect and a healthy glow, we add a drop of serum in the palm of our hand before the application.

And it is goodbye with the chalky effect of a heavy make-up. We heard that from Tom Pecheux (make-up star and make-up artistic director of Estée Lauder) on a backstage of a show.

Bonus Tip: when tired, try not to hide it by overdoing it with the foundation. This will only increase the mummify effect of your face.

And so we calm down and we apply a drop of light fluid foundation only on the axis of the face, we create a vertical line from the forehead to the chin, before spreading it toward the outside.

Also for some eager to go off the beaten track hemp oil is something to try for most skin types as it can moisturize without clogging your pores.

7. Correctly applying your concealer

Rule # 1: go easy on it.

Why? Because a concealer is more of an illuminator of the eyes than a genuine tool for concealing.

It roles is to play with the light to create a kind of optical effect but its power is limited. When we really have two marked rings under the eyes, better go to sleep. The concealer will be of no help.

And for the application, we tap with the finger to avoid ending up with a large trace and new wrinkles under the eye.

We apply the concealer “in triangle” starting with small dotted line of the inner corner of the eye, descending straight to the level of the bottom of the nose and going back up diagonally toward the outer corner of the eye.

We spread without going out of the triangle and avoiding coming too close to the root of the eyelashes to keep a vivid look.

8. To revive the look, use flesh color eye pencil

When talking about speaking of lively eyes, to arrive fresh in the office, after a crazy night, we apply a stroke of flesh colored eye pencil to the inside of the eye and by slightly fading on the eyelids to clear the small redness (of shame). A real boost for the eyes.

9. Exfoliate your lips

When we talk about exfoliation, we don’t mean to get out the pumice stone.

It is important to remember that the skin of the lips is 5 times thinner than the rest of the face. An ultra-sensitive area that we must take very good care of.

To make this area very soft, we have to get rid of its dead skin cells (from time to time), and to hydrate it intensely (all the time).

We therefore do a small massage with an adapted mild exfoliation (a little honey and sugar will also do), and we can take advantage of the night to apply a mask with an ultra-moisturizing balm, nourishing and with a plumping effect. At wake up you will have baby soft pink lips.

10. To remove skin imperfections, keep your fingers away

You will tell me, “How to remove without touching?”.

It’s true, the black heads, small pimples… are not of the most beautiful effect on our face.

But back off nasty nails and other blackhead remover!

It is better not to touch them and to treat them smoothly. Why?

Because squeezing would only slow down their disappearance. It is the best way to make the infection worse and find yourself with a nasty mark.

Basically it is a little like waking up a volcano which sleeps.

We will rather concentrate on finding a good astringent lotion (ideal to tighten pores, dry the imperfections and unify the complexion), gently cleanse morning and evening, and wait a little.

Let us not to make our skin an enemy, it we will give us back.

11. Sweating

Having a good night sleep to have a glowing skin, we knew that.

But working out, isn’t it ironic?

Not that much… Simply because sweating, means evacuating the stress as well as all the toxins that clutter up and tire our organism, through the pores of the skin.

To make it simple, by increasing the sweating, the skin “self-cleans” and eliminates impurities and dead cells, while improving the microcirculation for better blood irrigation and better nutrition of skin tissues.

The skin is better hydrated, more flexible, brighter and smoother, in other words radiant.
Additionally it is valid for the whole body. For the lazy ones, a session in the steam room or sauna from time to time and that’s it.

The best recipe: 40 minutes of running (the supermarket doesn’t count) + fifteen minutes steam room, without forgetting to drink a lot to hydrate.


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